Zubaz: Coming Soon

Over the past four years I have been managing a variety of projects for Zubaz, from social media to digital strategy and events.  I am essentially the Voice of Zubaz.  An honor I am proud to wear on my zebra striped sleeves.

Several years ago, I was approached by the original founders of Zubaz to help them re-launch their product.  We came up with a plan to spend less than $20 to make the world know about these wonderful pants (less than the retail price of a single pair).  Using blogger outreach, social media and general digital wizardry, we were able to get on every local media outlet within a week and within 24 hours of our website launch, we were featured on CNN World News, rotating every half hour.

Within a month, we had sold $100,000 worth of product online (and quite a bit more in bulk offline orders), all for the same $20 investment.  These days, we spend a little more money, but we stay true to our roots, our passions and our fans.  We have developed a passionate fan base across the country, making Zubaz Nation, the only place to live.



Creative Director / Social Media / Copy / Film / Editing / Wearing

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