On Branding

New Methods and Models for Brand Marketing

It’s time for us to move beyond the purpose-driven “why” framework and other brand models that focus exclusively on the customer in a static state. A new approach, focusing on “who” the customer becomes through engaging with the brand, emphasizing their aspirational identity and transformational journey, should be explored. This model shifts the focus from what the brand sells to the value it adds to the customer’s life, underlining how a brand contributes to the customer’s personal growth, identity, and aspirations.

Thoughts on Branding

Brand History: Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
600 343 Michael Kraabel

Rosser Reeves was a pivotal figure in the advertising world whose contributions significantly shaped the mid-20th-century advertising industry and laid foundational principles that continue to…

Rethinking Brand Models
1024 574 Michael Kraabel

We are beginning a new era in branding, and the call for a revamped framework is loud and clear. A new model centered around the…

Best Books on Branding (2024)
1024 683 Michael Kraabel

Each of these books offers unique insights into the complexities of brand marketing. From understanding how to communicate effectively with your audience to leveraging the…

Building a Brand by Growing Smaller
1024 574 Michael Kraabel

Throughout my career in advertising, I always thought my agency needed to pitch and win every client we could. When I went out on my…

Historical Overview of Branding and Marketing from Ancient Markets to the Industrial Revolution
1024 576 Michael Kraabel

From ancient marks of craftsmanship to the trademarks of the industrial age, branding and marketing have become central to the commerce and culture of societies…

Customer Evolution through Aspirational Identity
1024 663 Michael Kraabel

In a time when consumer expectations extend beyond product functionality to encompass personal growth and identity enhancement, brands face the imperative to evolve. This is…

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