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For The Love of Marketing Prose
1024 683 Michael Kraabel

I believe in the power of the written word to inspire an audience and to lead them on a visceral journey of self-discovery. I am…

Film Recommendations for Movie Lovers (Part I)
1024 683 Michael Kraabel

Updated: January 23, 2017 Fun and Quirky Films You’ve Never Heard Of I’ve spent the better part of my life watching movies. My first job…

Films: To Watch List (2017) – Part I
1024 683 Michael Kraabel

How many times have I spent hours looking through the never ending list of movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime trying to remember what movies…

Visual Storytelling: Four Dimensions of Brand Engagement
1024 576 Michael Kraabel

I love visualizing process. I know this is an odd affinity, but I’ve come to accept that not everyone has a visual brain.  Or rather,…

The Power of Brand Films: How Stories Stir Our Souls
1024 687 Michael Kraabel

In 1895, two French brothers, Auguste and Louis Lumière, invented and patented the cinematograph—a device that could record, develop, and project motion pictures. The first…