The Unplugged Movie

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The Most Embarrassing Creative Project I ever Completed

I was organizing old hard drives tonight and came across the Adobe Premiere Pro project file and footage of an old 48-hour film project I completed years ago.
It was a film I produced, directed, wrote, filmed, and acted in all by myself.
It was incredibly hard, and the result was incredibly bad. I’m certain the folks who witnessed the first and only screening of it in a theatre probably thought I was absolutely insane.
Being that I was behind on nearly everything else I had to work on this weekend, I irresponsibly took the afternoon/evening to re-cut the short film to something a little more palatable. It’s still not great – or even good. In fact, you might watch it and demand this time back in your life.
The lesson I learned from this film, which is included in the epilogue, is that a ‘team’ is necessary to accomplish any great task. Everything I’ve ever done in my personal or professional life was made better by the help of others.
As for this film, I hope someday someone does a really serious review and critique. Maybe then I’ll be able to understand it myself.
As for those of you who get the underlying message of needing to unplug, take a look at my Unplug Project website – It’s lacking serious updates, but the premise remains the same: get out there and experience life. Life unplugged.


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