The Unplug Project

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A movement to increase awareness of the negative side-effects of consuming too much digital media.

The Unplug Project is a initiative aimed at encouraging individuals to consciously disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with the essence of real-life experiences. The project promotes mindful use of technology, advocating for regular digital detoxes and a more analog lifestyle.

Project Foundation + Core Beliefs

Like many, I found myself deeply entrenched in the digital world. My days were a blur of emails, social media, and a constant bombardment of notifications. Technology, which was supposed to be a tool, had become my master. It dictated not just my work, but also my personal life, straining my relationships and disconnecting me from the real world.

Creating A Movement

One evening, as I sat with my family, glued to my phone while they conversed and laughed, a profound realization hit me. I was physically present, but emotionally and mentally, I was miles away, lost in the digital ether. It was this moment that sparked a desire for change – a need to reclaim the life that technology was stealthily stealing from me.  View the project at

AVIV 613 Vodka

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As the acting Creative Director for AVIV 613 Vodka, my role encompasses overseeing every facet of the brand’s design, content creation, launch events, and marketing assets. Working in tandem with the founder and CEO, I’ve been instrumental in bringing their visionary concepts to life.

Brand Foundation + Core Beliefs

At AVIV Vodka, the core belief revolves around embracing gratitude as the gateway to a life filled with joy and satisfaction. It’s about acknowledging the present, valuing the positive elements in one’s life, and appreciating the people who shape it.

The concept of genuine wealth isn’t tied to material possessions; instead, it’s found in nurturing relationships, cherishing moments of happiness, and investing time and effort in the community and meaningful causes—a richness that transcends monetary value.

Telling a Brand Story

AVIV 613 Vodka symbolizes a vessel for spiritual enrichment, amplifying blessings and toasts, infusing them with a deeper energy. Each pour becomes a ritual, an opportunity to celebrate the goodness in today’s happenings, fostering a more positive and spiritually rich environment.

Collaborating closely, we’ve developed an array of assets essential for marketing strategies, aligning with the brand’s ethos, and extending to in-store and on-location marketing. This involved curating a visual identity, crafting engaging content, and orchestrating captivating launch events that encapsulated the essence of AVIV 613 Vodka, aiming to leave a lasting impression on consumers and stakeholders alike.


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Managed a cross-functional team to re-imagine and re-design the homepage experience.


Target challenged my team to re-imagine what the homepage could become, from featured products to the overall user experience.  This project would allow us to experiment with various design and UI elements to create the best customer experience possible, while tracking analytics for sales and shopping data.


We explored various ways to use interactive elements to create a “shoppable” homepage design, where the featured elements would expand to create a more interactive browsing experience for online shoppers.  We conducted extensive UX testing in the lab, tracked daily and weekly results to see which design elements produced the best results.

Ameripride Digital

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Re-imagined the digital ecosystem for Amerirpide, including e-commerce, customer portal, and lead generation system


Ameripride was looking for ways to modernize their industrial laundry service.  With growing pressure from larger companies, they were looking for a competitive advantage to set themselves apart from the marketplace.


We began with a complete rebranding process that positioned the company more focused on the customers they served.  Beyond that, we completely rebuilt their technology platform to allow for online ordering, customization of products, online billing, and customer service portal.


1024 683 Michael Kraabel

Lead Ameripride through both a brand and digital transformation effort, helping to create a unique identity in an industry of sameness.  We took a more gritty and raw approach to content, focusing on the dedication of the Ameripride team and how they support their hard working customers.

Tried & True

The new brand platform of Tried & True focused more on the hands-on and gritty work done by the Ameripride customers.