AVIV 613 Vodka

Creative + Brand Direction

As the acting Creative Director for AVIV 613 Vodka, my role encompasses overseeing every facet of the brand’s design, content creation, launch events, and marketing assets. Working in tandem with the founder and CEO, I’ve been instrumental in bringing their visionary concepts to life.

Brand Foundation + Core Beliefs

At AVIV Vodka, the core belief revolves around embracing gratitude as the gateway to a life filled with joy and satisfaction. It’s about acknowledging the present, valuing the positive elements in one’s life, and appreciating the people who shape it.

The concept of genuine wealth isn’t tied to material possessions; instead, it’s found in nurturing relationships, cherishing moments of happiness, and investing time and effort in the community and meaningful causes—a richness that transcends monetary value.

Telling a Brand Story

AVIV 613 Vodka symbolizes a vessel for spiritual enrichment, amplifying blessings and toasts, infusing them with a deeper energy. Each pour becomes a ritual, an opportunity to celebrate the goodness in today’s happenings, fostering a more positive and spiritually rich environment.

Collaborating closely, we’ve developed an array of assets essential for marketing strategies, aligning with the brand’s ethos, and extending to in-store and on-location marketing. This involved curating a visual identity, crafting engaging content, and orchestrating captivating launch events that encapsulated the essence of AVIV 613 Vodka, aiming to leave a lasting impression on consumers and stakeholders alike.