The Unplug Project

A Digital Mindfulness Experiment

A movement to increase awareness of the negative side-effects of consuming too much digital media.

The Unplug Project is a initiative aimed at encouraging individuals to consciously disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with the essence of real-life experiences. The project promotes mindful use of technology, advocating for regular digital detoxes and a more analog lifestyle.

Project Foundation + Core Beliefs

Like many, I found myself deeply entrenched in the digital world. My days were a blur of emails, social media, and a constant bombardment of notifications. Technology, which was supposed to be a tool, had become my master. It dictated not just my work, but also my personal life, straining my relationships and disconnecting me from the real world.

Creating A Movement

One evening, as I sat with my family, glued to my phone while they conversed and laughed, a profound realization hit me. I was physically present, but emotionally and mentally, I was miles away, lost in the digital ether. It was this moment that sparked a desire for change – a need to reclaim the life that technology was stealthily stealing from me.  View the project at