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The Strategic Advantage of an In-House Production Studio
1024 576 Michael Kraabel

In a marketing world that demands real-time responses to customer demands and sometimes urgent crisis responses, having an in-house production studio is a luxury and…

For The Love of Industrial Photography
1024 683 Michael Kraabel

In industrial and commercial environments, photography and filmmaking offer a unique and exhilarating experience, teeming with challenges and opportunities distinct from traditional settings. At least…

Lessons from My Years at the Helm of Bishop+Rook
1024 683 Michael Kraabel

Eight years ago, I embarked on an entrepreneurial journey with Bishop+Rook, a company born from a vision to combine my love of travel, photography, and…

Why Most Marketing and Agency Time Is Bullsh*t
1024 683 Michael Kraabel

In marketing and advertising agencies, the perception of productivity often clashes with the stark reality of time allocation. The industry thrives on the promise of…

Embracing Real Work Over Rhetoric
1024 683 Michael Kraabel

The Joy of Being a Hands-On Creative and Marketing Executive: Embracing Real Work Over Rhetoric In marketing and creative strategy, there exists a dichotomy between…

Rational + Emotional Decision Making
1024 683 Michael Kraabel

When it comes to consumer behavior and decision-making, the contrast between rational and emotional decision-making choices stands as a captivating subject. The landscape of purchasing…

The Importance of a Marketing Philosophy + Methodology
1024 683 Michael Kraabel

Having a defined philosophy is akin to having a compass that guides every decision. It sets the tone for how a brand interacts with its…

The Power of Authentic Content
1024 683 Michael Kraabel

In the ever-evolving world of marketing, generating Authentic Content has emerged as a crucial strategy for businesses seeking to engage, build trust, and connect with…

Unintentional Entrepreneurship
1024 576 Michael Kraabel

Unintentional Entrepreneurship: From Experiment to Global Company – Lessons Learned Along the Way Let me take you on a journey – a story about accidental…

Chasing The Camel Trophy
1024 683 Michael Kraabel

  We specialize in sourcing, importing, preserving, and restoring Heritage Land Rover Defenders. No other vehicle on the planet evokes a sense of wanderlust quite…