3D Systems

Strategy + Digital Lead Generation

Guided 3D Systems through the complicated landscape of digital lead generation for their On Demand and printer sales divisions.

3D Systems Overview

3D Systems On Demand Manufacturing is a service provided by 3D Systems, a company specializing in 3D printing technologies. This service offers custom manufacturing solutions using 3D printing and traditional manufacturing methods.

It caters to various industries, including aerospace, automotive, healthcare, and consumer goods. The service enables clients to produce prototypes, end-use parts, and production runs with a range of materials and finishes.


The Campaign

We developed an extensive asset library to use as part of this campaign, including photo and video assets, downloadable case studies, printing guides, and high value training tutorials for prospective customers.  In addition to digital lead tracking, each digital landing page and printed component utilized phone lead tracking, as well, allowing us to know exactly which publications and messages resonated best with the prospective customers.

The Details

The marketing program for 3D Systems’ On Demand Manufacturing (ODM) division is a comprehensive blend of traditional and digital strategies,  designed to maximize market reach and customer engagement. This program is structured in several key components:

Extensive Data Mapping: This involves in-depth analysis and segmentation of the market. Using advanced analytics, the program identifies potential customers in industries like aerospace, automotive, healthcare, and consumer products. It maps out customer profiles, preferences, and purchasing behaviors, providing a solid foundation for targeted marketing efforts.

Geofencing of Key Customers: Utilizing geofencing technology, the program targets key customers by setting virtual perimeters around specific geographic areas, such as industry hubs or competitor locations. When potential customers within these sectors use digital devices, they receive tailored advertising messages, enhancing the likelihood of engagement.

Programmatic Media Buying: This aspect leverages automated platforms to purchase digital advertising space. By using real-time data, the program efficiently targets ads to specific audiences across various online channels, ensuring optimal ad placement and timing for maximum impact.

Industry Publications Purchases: The program invests in advertising and content placement in leading industry publications. This traditional approach ensures brand visibility and thought leadership within the industry, reaching a professional audience through trusted sources.

Lead Scoring and Tracking: Prospective clients are scored based on their engagement and potential value. This system prioritizes leads, allowing the sales team to focus on the most promising prospects. Lead tracking tools monitor the progress of these leads through the sales funnel, providing insights into customer behavior and the effectiveness of marketing strategies.

Detailed Lead Tracking Metrics: The program employs advanced metrics to track leads, analyzing data like source attribution, engagement levels, conversion rates, and customer lifecycle stages. This data is crucial for refining marketing strategies, optimizing resource allocation, and improving overall ROI.