Mia's Heart

Stratasys Brand Case Study

Wrote, directed, and produced a series of case studies highlighting how Stratasys is using 3D printing and additive manufacturing to advance the health and wellness of our society.


The main challenge lies in communicating complex technical information in an accessible and engaging manner. Stratasys needs to demonstrate the practical benefits and real-world applications of its technology in medicine, such as creating patient-specific models, surgical tools, and prosthetics. The challenge also involves differentiating Stratasys’ offerings from competitors and showcasing the unique value proposition in a crowded and rapidly evolving market.


We developed a series of engaging case studies and success stories demonstrating the impact of Stratasys’ technology in real medical scenarios. We hosted webinars and workshops with medical experts discussing the benefits and future potential of 3D printing in medicine. Leveraged social media and digital marketing to reach a wider audience, using visual and interactive content to simplify complex concepts. Collaborated with medical institutions for joint research projects, highlighting the results through various media channels.