Kauai Coffee

Brand Story / Experience Center / DTC Subscription

Designed and developed a variety of elements to bring the Kauai Coffee brand experience to life.  From the experience center to a subscription service.

The Challenge

The Kauai Coffee Company is one of those rare destinations in the world with such an incredible and authentic story that must be told to others.  Our challenge was to create a way that the Visitor Center experience could come to life, not only for those who visit but also for those who aspire to visit.

The Solution

After visiting the Kauai Coffee Visitor Center for the first time, I fell in love with the team members’ passion and enthusiasm for the company. Over several visits, I captured some of that essence on film and photography, helping to develop a unique brand book, a visitor center experience, and a catalog of beautiful photos taken around the estate.  The subsequent launch campaign included efforts to get visitors to the estate and subscribe to their DTC coffee subscription program.

Kauai Coffee Brand Photography

The Kauai Coffee Brand Book

Kauai Coffee Product Exploration