Overland South Africa

A One Of A Kind Travel Experience

Embark on a journey where every path leads to the heart of South Africa‚ÄĒexperience it like a local, live it like an adventure.

Project Challenge

Our client offers unique overland camping trips across South Africa, but they struggled to stand out in a crowded travel market. We needed to communicate the allure of their self-guided tours, promising an authentic, local South African experience, in a way that captures attention and drives bookings.

We decided to bring our Bishop+Rook brand to their overland camping experience as a co-branded opportunity.

Creative Approach

We cut through the noise with a direct, engaging campaign that leveraged real stories from travelers. Through social media, influencer partnerships, and immersive previews, we showcased the raw beauty and cultural richness of South Africa, accessible through our client’s tours. Our message was simple: this isn’t just a trip; it’s your gateway to truly live South Africa, like a local. This approach not only highlighted the uniqueness of the experience but also made it feel accessible and must-do, sparking interest and bookings.