Half-Court Hero Campaign

I was the creative lead on a campaign that ultimately resulted in a “Viral Video for the Year Award” and a “My Sportcenter Moment” commercial.


Lebron James Half-Court Hero Contest

Carmex + Lebron James Half-Court Hero Campaign

This campaign was part of a larger outreach program to reach deep into the Carmex fan base. We developed an online promotion to build the Carmex database and expand their social media following.

As we didn’t have the money to be an official Lebron James sponsor, we opted to sponsor the new website – at a fraction of the cost.

Creative Brand Sponsorhips

As part of this sponsorship, we were responsible for developing content and promotions that would not only be on brand for Carmex, but also Lebron James.

The centerpiece of this campaign was an online sweepstakes where the winner would get a chance to win $75,000 grand prize if they made a half-court shot.  We negotiated the opportunity to have this half-court shot take place during a break in a Miami Heat game.  Our selected contest winner, Michael Drysch, made a miracle half court hook shot and the rest is viral history.

Media Tour

After Michael Drysch made the historic half-court hook shot, media calls started rolling in.  Within hours, we were booked on Good morning Miami, CNN, Inside Edition, Good Morning America, and had countless radio and media interviews.  The resulting media impressions were worth millions and Carmex saw an immediate up-tick in sales.

Media Impressions

The moment was captured live on TV and was immediately picked up  by Sportcenter and became an immediate international sensation. The Lebron Tackles Fan is the ESPN YouTube channel’s top-watched video of all time. Additionally:

Instant viral.
Top of Reddit.
#1 Play On SportsCenter.
3-day PR Tour on National TV in New York.
500 Million Impressions.
$7M worth of brand exposure.
30% Sales lift for two weeks during peak season.
Viral Video of the Year.