Seeking Adventurers Campaign

In the aftermath of hurricane Erika, the Commonwealth of Dominica was looking to attract adventure-seeking travelers for their next vacation. Covered with lush tropical jungle, volcanic peaks, and dotted with rivers and waterfalls, Dominica offers a much different island experience. My team developed the “Seeking Adventurers” campaign to target active travelers looking for a unique experience.

The Campaign

The “Seeking Adventurers” campaign is a dynamic and innovative initiative launched with the Caribbean island of Dominica, aimed at attracting travelers who crave exploration and adventure. The campaign highlights Dominica’s unique offerings, distinct from typical beach-focused Caribbean destinations.

Central to the campaign is Dominica’s rugged and pristine natural environment. The island, often referred to as the “Nature Isle,” boasts lush rainforests, dramatic volcanic landscapes, and a rich array of wildlife. The campaign emphasizes activities like hiking through the UNESCO-listed Morne Trois Pitons National Park, exploring the Boiling Lake, diving in Champagne Reef’s bubbly waters, and encountering the island’s rich marine life.

Cultural immersion is also a key component. The campaign invites adventurers to engage with the island’s rich cultural heritage, including its indigenous Kalinago community, and to experience local traditions, music, and cuisine.

Media Outreach

The “Seeking Adventurers” campaign is promoted through various digital platforms, social media, travel partnerships, and interactive events, targeting eco-conscious travelers and adventure-seekers worldwide. This strategic approach aims not just to boost tourism, but also to foster sustainable travel practices in alignment with Dominica’s commitment to environmental conservation and cultural preservation.

The campaign was directly tied to post-hurricane recovery, as tourism quickly rebounded, bringing much needed income and jobs to the island.

Creative Partnerships

For the Seeking Adventurers Campaign we were able to use an extensive library of photo and film content gathered during the Dominica Film Challenge Events I produced. We had a vast library to pull from that showcased the raw adventure that awaited potential visitors.

Authentic Adventures

By featuring real imagery captured by adventurers who had previously visited the island, it gave the campaign a sense of honesty and transparency.  The campaign landing page featured a variety of itineraries people could select from, including places to stay, ways to get to Dominica, and first-hand testimonials from previous travelers.