Mastercraft Doors

Brand Anthem

I led an effort to highlight and celebrate the true craftsmanship and inherent Midwestern values woven into Menards manufacturing doors. This project was more than just a brand anthem; it was a heartfelt introduction to the dedicated people behind the creation of these doors.


We make great doors.  Inside and out.

Re-Invention of the Menards’ Door Store

The campaign showcased the diverse array of door options available to consumers at Menards and unveiled the remarkable transformation that unfolds when a door is upgraded in one’s home.

This initiative went beyond a simple marketing campaign; it reimagined and revitalized the Door Store area within Menards. The project aimed to reinvigorate this space, painting a vivid picture of the artistry and transformative power that comes with enhancing the doorway of a home. The essence was not merely in the product but in the stories, values, and Midwestern spirit engrained within each door’s creation.