Stratasys Direct

3D Printing for the Medical Field

Developed a comprehensive marketing program for Stratasys to showcase their work across the medical field.


Stratasys faces the significant challenge of showcasing its pioneering use of 3D printing and additive manufacturing in the medical field. The key difficulty lies in effectively communicating the complex and technical nature of their innovations to a diverse audience, including medical professionals, healthcare institutions, investors, and the general public. Stratasys needs to demonstrate the practical benefits and applications of their technology, such as patient-specific models and surgical tools, while distinguishing themselves in a competitive and rapidly evolving market.


To address these challenges, Stratasys can implement a multi-faceted strategy. Developing engaging case studies and success stories will illustrate the real-world impact of their technology in medicine, making the information more relatable and accessible. Hosting webinars and workshops with medical experts can further elucidate the benefits and future potential of 3D printing in healthcare. Embracing digital marketing, especially through social media, using visual and interactive content, can simplify complex concepts and reach a broader audience. Collaborations with medical institutions for joint research projects, and highlighting these endeavors through various media channels, will not only showcase Stratasys’ technology but also reinforce their position as a leader in integrating advanced 3D printing technology with medical science.