Brand + Marketing Strategy

Bishop+Rook Trading Co. specializes in the import, restoration, and bespoke building of vintage Land Rover Defenders.

Introducing Bishop+Rook

We specialize in sourcing, importing, and building vintage Land Rovers and Heritage Land Rover Defenders. We aim to ensure each vehicle we source or build retains its unique character, whether it’s an unrestored classic with original patina or a complete nut-and-bolt restoration.

With years of experience in the industry, Bishop+Rook has become one of the most recognized companies in the world for creating truly unique and classic Land Rover Defenders. We maintain operations in the US, UK, Spain, and sourcing operations through the entire EU to ensure a steady supply of interesting and unique Defenders to bring to the market.

The Brand Story

Since the beginning of the company, we have ventured to bring our customers along with the journey. We publish an extensive amount of material to help guide prospects through the adoption process.  We show what takes place behind-the-scenes in the workshop, believe in radical pricing transparency, and offer support to anyone considering owning a vintage Land Rover.

The company was started in late 2014 as a passion project but evolved and expanded over the years to become a leading full-service Land Rover Restoration company – with workshops worldwide.  We continue to maintain our status as an employee-owned company over the years – knowing that true craftsmanship can only come from hands-on work completed in our own workshops.