Global Rebranding

Led an effort to rebrand one of the pioneers in the additive manufacturing and 3D printing industry.


Global Rebranding

The Challenge

In a time when 3D printing was hitting mainstream news and investors were looking at the category with greater interest, Stratasys lacked a cohesive brand story and vision. My team lead a global strategic analysis that ultimately led to the recommendation to rebrand and align all divisions under a new unified brand system.

The Solution

My team developed an entirely new brand system, story, go-to-market strategy, and vision for the 3D printing market.

Brand Line:

The 3D Printing Solutions Company.


We shape lives by revolutionizing the way things are made.


Stratasys is the trusted leader in innovative 3D Printing and manufacturing solutions that empower individuals and organizations to transform the way they imagine, design and make things.