Smart Sense

Gas Fires are Dangerous Campaign

Developed a comprehensive marketing campaign to highlight the importance of protecting your home’s gas appliances.  A simple device can save you from a dangerous situation.


Crafting a marketing strategy for a small connector fitting that attaches to a gas line, especially one that is typically concealed behind appliances, poses a unique challenge. This connector, although small and often out of sight, plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of household appliances. The primary difficulty lies in highlighting its significance in a way that resonates with consumers who rarely see or think about this component.


We needed to emphasize the connector’s reliability, durability, and crucial role in maintaining a safe home environment. This required innovative approaches that visually and conceptually brought this hidden but essential component to the forefront of consumer consciousness.  We burned down a house to show what happens when you don’t have this little device.

360 Degree House Fire Experience.

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