Extreme Conditions - TV Spot

Produced and Directed the first television spot in the 75 year history of the iconic Carmex brand.


Extreme Conditions Brand Campaign

“Extreme Conditions” – :30

Crafting and directing a TV commercial for the iconic Carmex brand was a creative bucket list item. The campaign’s heartbeat revolved around capturing the brand’s playful essence while showcasing the product’s stellar performance. My approach danced on the tightrope between emphasizing its extreme efficacy and everyday use, creating a magnetic pull for both long-term devotees and newcomers.

Fun With Carmex

From the drawing board to the director’s chair, I wrote a story-line that not only showcased the product’s effectiveness but also radiated the fun and lively spirit of Carmex. Balancing the need to demonstrate performance without losing the playful brand essence was the challenge I eagerly embraced, resulting in a vibrant, memorable, and effective commercial spot – that showed a measurable result to the bottom line of the company’s sales.