Stratasys Films

Band Anthem Film

Wrote, Directed, and Edited a new anthem spot to introduce the newly launched Stratasys brand to the world.

The 3D Printing Solutions Company


Stratasys, the leader in 3D printing and additive manufacturing, had recently undergone a significant global rebranding to unify its diverse divisions. This pivotal moment calls for a compelling narrative that reflects our new, cohesive identity and resonates with our market. The company needed to craft a story that captures the spirit of Stratasys’ transformation, showcasing the innovation and connecting with their audience as they embarked on this new chapter.


In addressing Stratasys’ global rebranding, we developed a script that intricately wove together the unique stories of each division, illustrating their collaborative efforts in advancing the industry and fostering innovation. This script was brought to life through an anthem video, crafted from diverse footage gathered during the brand anthropology and Distil workshop sessions. This approach successfully showcased the unified strength of Stratasys’ divisions, creating a compelling and inspiring narrative that resonated deeply with our audience and solidified Stratasys’ position as a leader in the 3D printing and additive manufacturing industry.