Carmex Half-Court Academy

Social Media Film Series

I developed the concept for the Carmex Half-Court Academy film series to be used in coordination with a social media partnership with Lebron James.


It was less than a challenge, but more of an opportunity.  As part of our sponsorship with and his social media properties, we were allowed a certain number of posts and promotions each year.  As we were winding down a Half-Court Hero Online Sweepstakes, we need some extra ammunition to promote the contest. It was weeks away from the end, going into the holiday season when we got the challenge.


I quickly write up a script treatment for a multi-part Half-Court Academy Training Series that could be promoted on and his social media properties. We had a rough outline of a script and dialog, but got approval to run with the idea.  We rented out a local university gym and converted it to the set of our Half-Court Academy.  It was Christmas Even when we were filming, so the 18 hour day was a little exhausting.  We even passed on “wrap beers” that day.

Behind The Scenes