Commonwealth of Dominica

Inner Explorer Campaign

Developed a targeted media campaign focused on travelers seeking a more active vacation experience in a tropical environment – highlighted by real-world adventures.

We are Dominica

Dominica is beauty unspoiled. Culture preserved—a diver’s dream and hiker’s paradise.

Dominica is the trailhead to adventure and discovery, unlike any other Caribbean

Dominica features volcanic peaks, boiling waters, and underwater champagne springs.

Sparkling waterfalls, rushing streams, and rainforest canopies. On Dominica, we
celebrate music, art, and flowers.

We call ourselves The Nature Island. Not just because we believe it but because we have earned it. And once you step foot on our shores, you’ll forever be transformed.

We’re inviting you to discover your inner explorer.


Dominica is unlike her neighboring islands. She does not have mega-resorts, white sandy beaches, late-night discos, and adult entertainment.  She is a calm, natural paradise suited only for those with a sense of adventure.  While most people look to the Caribbean for a relaxing vacation, we were challenged to develop a campaign that would appeal to those with a more active experience in mind.


We wanted to showcase the Commonwealth of Dominica’s distinct allure: its rugged landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and diverse ecological wonders. This campaign needed to transcend conventional Caribbean tourism tropes, highlighting Dominica’s appeal to those who crave adventure, cultural immersion, and ecological exploration. The goal was to connect with individuals who value authenticity over luxury, and who are eager to explore the road less traveled.

Discover Adventure

Discovering Your Inner Explorer means leaving the chaos of the world behind and
renewing your sense of adventure.

Come hike our mountains, explore our beaches, and discover what it feels like to get
back to nature again and what it feels like to find your sense of place.

Drink in the fresh air.
Feel the smooth sand beneath your feet.
Stand in amazement at the natural wonders of the world.
Recharge your body and mind.
Change your perspective on life.

Uniquely Natural. Naturally Unique.

A rich tapestry of lush rain forests, rivers and waterfalls, with volcanic wonders on land and under the sea. The people of Dominica welcome you to share the beauty and tranquility of “Nature’s Island.”

To discover the rich culture of the people. An enriching Eco tourism experience. The physical challenge of extreme adventure. Or the serenity of a secluded spa retreat. When you discover Dominica, you discover yourself – and a Caribbean experience like no other.

We invited explorers to come to experience the true wonders of nature. Hike from the tips of the water’s edge to the highest peak on the island and declare their renewed love of life. Challenge their bodies, minds, and spirits to let go of the outside world and allow themselves to be transformed.

We used film and photography assets from a group of travel influences who were invited down to participate in the Dominica Film Challenge. We tagged the original travelers in both digital and print media, allowing prospective adventurers the opportunity to research and investigate the real people behind the photographs and the experiences. Primary photography by Sarah Lee and Alison Teal – an adventure travel team from Hawaii and Southern California.