United Health Care

Medicare Made Clear

Responsible for developing a brand, campaign, and digital platform for aging populations looking to learn more about Medicare options from UHG.

The Challenge

Medicare, a crucial aspect of healthcare for retirees, often presents a complex landscape for those nearing retirement. Navigating its intricate rules and multiple parts, including Part A for hospital insurance, Part B for medical insurance, and Part D for prescription drug coverage, can be a daunting task. While Part C (Medicare Advantage Plans) offers an alternative, understanding the nuances of each plan and how they compare to traditional Medicare adds another layer of complexity.

Compounding this challenge is the scarcity of clear, comprehensive resources that can guide retirees through the Medicare maze. This often leaves many grappling with decisions about coverage options, enrollment periods, and potential penalties without a solid grasp of the implications for their health and finances.

The Solution

Recognizing the complexity of Medicare, I led the effort with United Health Group to launch an initiative called “Medicare Made Clear” to demystify the choices surrounding this vital healthcare program for retirees. This comprehensive campaign was designed to bring clarity and ease into understanding Medicare.

It encompassed a range of easily accessible resources, including informative print materials, engaging explainer videos, and a centralized digital platform. This platform served as a hub of knowledge, offering a wealth of information through a series of question-and-answer segments, interactive video modules, and targeted email messages.

Additionally, it featured a variety of topical articles, each tailored to address specific aspects and common queries about Medicare. This multifaceted approach aimed to empower individuals approaching retirement with the knowledge and confidence to navigate their Medicare options effectively.