Kauai Coffee

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Designed and developed a variety of elements to bring the Kauai Coffee brand experience to life.  From the experience center to a subscription service.

The Challenge

The Kauai Coffee Company is one of those rare destinations in the world with such an incredible and authentic story that must be told to others.  Our challenge was to create a way that the Visitor Center experience could come to life, not only for those who visit but also for those who aspire to visit.

The Solution

After visiting the Kauai Coffee Visitor Center for the first time, I fell in love with the team members’ passion and enthusiasm for the company. Over several visits, I captured some of that essence on film and photography, helping to develop a unique brand book, a visitor center experience, and a catalog of beautiful photos taken around the estate.  The subsequent launch campaign included efforts to get visitors to the estate and subscribe to their DTC coffee subscription program.

Kauai Coffee Brand Photography

The Kauai Coffee Brand Book

Kauai Coffee Product Exploration

AVIV 613 Vodka

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As the acting Creative Director for AVIV 613 Vodka, my role encompasses overseeing every facet of the brand’s design, content creation, launch events, and marketing assets. Working in tandem with the founder and CEO, I’ve been instrumental in bringing their visionary concepts to life.

Brand Foundation + Core Beliefs

At AVIV Vodka, the core belief revolves around embracing gratitude as the gateway to a life filled with joy and satisfaction. It’s about acknowledging the present, valuing the positive elements in one’s life, and appreciating the people who shape it.

The concept of genuine wealth isn’t tied to material possessions; instead, it’s found in nurturing relationships, cherishing moments of happiness, and investing time and effort in the community and meaningful causes—a richness that transcends monetary value.

Telling a Brand Story

AVIV 613 Vodka symbolizes a vessel for spiritual enrichment, amplifying blessings and toasts, infusing them with a deeper energy. Each pour becomes a ritual, an opportunity to celebrate the goodness in today’s happenings, fostering a more positive and spiritually rich environment.

Collaborating closely, we’ve developed an array of assets essential for marketing strategies, aligning with the brand’s ethos, and extending to in-store and on-location marketing. This involved curating a visual identity, crafting engaging content, and orchestrating captivating launch events that encapsulated the essence of AVIV 613 Vodka, aiming to leave a lasting impression on consumers and stakeholders alike.


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Bishop+Rook Trading Co. specializes in the import, restoration, and bespoke building of vintage Land Rover Defenders.

Introducing Bishop+Rook

We specialize in sourcing, importing, and building vintage Land Rovers and Heritage Land Rover Defenders. We aim to ensure each vehicle we source or build retains its unique character, whether it’s an unrestored classic with original patina or a complete nut-and-bolt restoration.

With years of experience in the industry, Bishop+Rook has become one of the most recognized companies in the world for creating truly unique and classic Land Rover Defenders. We maintain operations in the US, UK, Spain, and sourcing operations through the entire EU to ensure a steady supply of interesting and unique Defenders to bring to the market.

The Brand Story

Since the beginning of the company, we have ventured to bring our customers along with the journey. We publish an extensive amount of material to help guide prospects through the adoption process.  We show what takes place behind-the-scenes in the workshop, believe in radical pricing transparency, and offer support to anyone considering owning a vintage Land Rover.

The company was started in late 2014 as a passion project but evolved and expanded over the years to become a leading full-service Land Rover Restoration company – with workshops worldwide.  We continue to maintain our status as an employee-owned company over the years – knowing that true craftsmanship can only come from hands-on work completed in our own workshops.

Inner Explorer

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Developed a targeted media campaign focused on travelers seeking a more active vacation experience in a tropical environment – highlighted by real-world adventures.

We are Dominica

Dominica is beauty unspoiled. Culture preserved—a diver’s dream and hiker’s paradise.

Dominica is the trailhead to adventure and discovery, unlike any other Caribbean

Dominica features volcanic peaks, boiling waters, and underwater champagne springs.

Sparkling waterfalls, rushing streams, and rainforest canopies. On Dominica, we
celebrate music, art, and flowers.

We call ourselves The Nature Island. Not just because we believe it but because we have earned it. And once you step foot on our shores, you’ll forever be transformed.

We’re inviting you to discover your inner explorer.


Dominica is unlike her neighboring islands. She does not have mega-resorts, white sandy beaches, late-night discos, and adult entertainment.  She is a calm, natural paradise suited only for those with a sense of adventure.  While most people look to the Caribbean for a relaxing vacation, we were challenged to develop a campaign that would appeal to those with a more active experience in mind.


We wanted to showcase the Commonwealth of Dominica’s distinct allure: its rugged landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and diverse ecological wonders. This campaign needed to transcend conventional Caribbean tourism tropes, highlighting Dominica’s appeal to those who crave adventure, cultural immersion, and ecological exploration. The goal was to connect with individuals who value authenticity over luxury, and who are eager to explore the road less traveled.

Discover Adventure

Discovering Your Inner Explorer means leaving the chaos of the world behind and
renewing your sense of adventure.

Come hike our mountains, explore our beaches, and discover what it feels like to get
back to nature again and what it feels like to find your sense of place.

Drink in the fresh air.
Feel the smooth sand beneath your feet.
Stand in amazement at the natural wonders of the world.
Recharge your body and mind.
Change your perspective on life.

Uniquely Natural. Naturally Unique.

A rich tapestry of lush rain forests, rivers and waterfalls, with volcanic wonders on land and under the sea. The people of Dominica welcome you to share the beauty and tranquility of “Nature’s Island.”

To discover the rich culture of the people. An enriching Eco tourism experience. The physical challenge of extreme adventure. Or the serenity of a secluded spa retreat. When you discover Dominica, you discover yourself – and a Caribbean experience like no other.

We invited explorers to come to experience the true wonders of nature. Hike from the tips of the water’s edge to the highest peak on the island and declare their renewed love of life. Challenge their bodies, minds, and spirits to let go of the outside world and allow themselves to be transformed.

We used film and photography assets from a group of travel influences who were invited down to participate in the Dominica Film Challenge. We tagged the original travelers in both digital and print media, allowing prospective adventurers the opportunity to research and investigate the real people behind the photographs and the experiences. Primary photography by Sarah Lee and Alison Teal – an adventure travel team from Hawaii and Southern California.

3D Systems – Medical

1024 683 Michael Kraabel

Worked closely with 3D Systems Medical Divison to develop a campaign to support their field marketing, tradeshow, and lead generation programs.


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Developed a digital-first go-to-market strategy for Honeywell’s new line of revolutionary Wi-Fi connected Lyric Thermostats.

The Challenge

Honeywell faced a growing challenge from Nest, disrupting the home thermostat space, using connected technology and a sleek modern design.  We were challenged to deliver a compelling digital-first launch campaign to put Honeywell back in the lead.

The Strategy

We developed a comprehensive digital strategy, leading the Honeywell internal marketing and product teams through my Distill workshop methodology to get alignment, uncover insights, and develop a comprehensive plan to bring the new product to market.  Following the roadmap, my team developed an ecosystem of marketing assets and tools, including digital media, social content, channel support materials, website, support/install videos, and more.


1024 683 Michael Kraabel

3D Systems

1024 683 Michael Kraabel

Guided 3D Systems through the complicated landscape of digital lead generation for their On Demand and printer sales divisions.

3D Systems Overview

3D Systems On Demand Manufacturing is a service provided by 3D Systems, a company specializing in 3D printing technologies. This service offers custom manufacturing solutions using 3D printing and traditional manufacturing methods.

It caters to various industries, including aerospace, automotive, healthcare, and consumer goods. The service enables clients to produce prototypes, end-use parts, and production runs with a range of materials and finishes.


The Campaign

We developed an extensive asset library to use as part of this campaign, including photo and video assets, downloadable case studies, printing guides, and high value training tutorials for prospective customers.  In addition to digital lead tracking, each digital landing page and printed component utilized phone lead tracking, as well, allowing us to know exactly which publications and messages resonated best with the prospective customers.

The Details

The marketing program for 3D Systems’ On Demand Manufacturing (ODM) division is a comprehensive blend of traditional and digital strategies,  designed to maximize market reach and customer engagement. This program is structured in several key components:

Extensive Data Mapping: This involves in-depth analysis and segmentation of the market. Using advanced analytics, the program identifies potential customers in industries like aerospace, automotive, healthcare, and consumer products. It maps out customer profiles, preferences, and purchasing behaviors, providing a solid foundation for targeted marketing efforts.

Geofencing of Key Customers: Utilizing geofencing technology, the program targets key customers by setting virtual perimeters around specific geographic areas, such as industry hubs or competitor locations. When potential customers within these sectors use digital devices, they receive tailored advertising messages, enhancing the likelihood of engagement.

Programmatic Media Buying: This aspect leverages automated platforms to purchase digital advertising space. By using real-time data, the program efficiently targets ads to specific audiences across various online channels, ensuring optimal ad placement and timing for maximum impact.

Industry Publications Purchases: The program invests in advertising and content placement in leading industry publications. This traditional approach ensures brand visibility and thought leadership within the industry, reaching a professional audience through trusted sources.

Lead Scoring and Tracking: Prospective clients are scored based on their engagement and potential value. This system prioritizes leads, allowing the sales team to focus on the most promising prospects. Lead tracking tools monitor the progress of these leads through the sales funnel, providing insights into customer behavior and the effectiveness of marketing strategies.

Detailed Lead Tracking Metrics: The program employs advanced metrics to track leads, analyzing data like source attribution, engagement levels, conversion rates, and customer lifecycle stages. This data is crucial for refining marketing strategies, optimizing resource allocation, and improving overall ROI.

Build MN

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Developed a strategy and brand to recruit more people into the construction trades. Today more than ever, America needs men and women who will build. The current labor shortage in the building trades is projected to grow, which means those who join the trades will be paid more, receive more benefits and enjoy better lifestyles than at any other time in history.

Challenge + Strategy

We partnered with BATC – a local building association – to develop a long-term strategy and campaign to recruit more young men and women into the construction trades.  The strategy was focused on highlighting the potential for career and skill growth with young men and women who wanted more freedom and independence in their job choices.

Brand Creative

We developed a brand that would resonate with the audience and show a sense of pride in their choice.  The Build MN brand was designed to showcase how by being a part of the trades, you’re giving back to the community you’re part of. We focused on the team aspects of construction crews and how bonds are formed in these units.  The website, social media, and event outreach was all focused on highlighting the data that most of these young people didn’t know about the construction trades.

SAM Nutrition

1024 683 Michael Kraabel

Worked directly with the SAM Nutrition executive team to refresh and modernize the brand – from tradeshows to digital experiences.

The Challenge

SAM Nutrition is a growing international importer of animal nutrition ingredients, but they had never really spent much time developing their brand.  They needed a refresh to reflect their status as a global leader in importing.

The Solution

We completely rebuilt their website from the ground up, including original photography to better represent their unique market offering.  The brand standards were updated and applied across all of their OEM packaging products, trade show booths, and various other marketing elements.