Kauai Coffee

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Designed and developed a variety of elements to bring the Kauai Coffee brand experience to life.  From the experience center to a subscription service.

The Challenge

The Kauai Coffee Company is one of those rare destinations in the world with such an incredible and authentic story that must be told to others.  Our challenge was to create a way that the Visitor Center experience could come to life, not only for those who visit but also for those who aspire to visit.

The Solution

After visiting the Kauai Coffee Visitor Center for the first time, I fell in love with the team members’ passion and enthusiasm for the company. Over several visits, I captured some of that essence on film and photography, helping to develop a unique brand book, a visitor center experience, and a catalog of beautiful photos taken around the estate.  The subsequent launch campaign included efforts to get visitors to the estate and subscribe to their DTC coffee subscription program.

Kauai Coffee Brand Photography

The Kauai Coffee Brand Book

Kauai Coffee Product Exploration


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A brand identity system for a fractional CMO agency and consulting practice.

Project Challenge

Details coming soon.

Creative Approach

Details coming soon.

The Unplug Project

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A movement to increase awareness of the negative side-effects of consuming too much digital media.

The Unplug Project is a initiative aimed at encouraging individuals to consciously disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with the essence of real-life experiences. The project promotes mindful use of technology, advocating for regular digital detoxes and a more analog lifestyle.

Project Foundation + Core Beliefs

Like many, I found myself deeply entrenched in the digital world. My days were a blur of emails, social media, and a constant bombardment of notifications. Technology, which was supposed to be a tool, had become my master. It dictated not just my work, but also my personal life, straining my relationships and disconnecting me from the real world.

Creating A Movement

One evening, as I sat with my family, glued to my phone while they conversed and laughed, a profound realization hit me. I was physically present, but emotionally and mentally, I was miles away, lost in the digital ether. It was this moment that sparked a desire for change – a need to reclaim the life that technology was stealthily stealing from me.  View the project at

AVIV 613 Vodka

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As the acting Creative Director for AVIV 613 Vodka, my role encompasses overseeing every facet of the brand’s design, content creation, launch events, and marketing assets. Working in tandem with the founder and CEO, I’ve been instrumental in bringing their visionary concepts to life.

Brand Foundation + Core Beliefs

At AVIV Vodka, the core belief revolves around embracing gratitude as the gateway to a life filled with joy and satisfaction. It’s about acknowledging the present, valuing the positive elements in one’s life, and appreciating the people who shape it.

The concept of genuine wealth isn’t tied to material possessions; instead, it’s found in nurturing relationships, cherishing moments of happiness, and investing time and effort in the community and meaningful causes—a richness that transcends monetary value.

Telling a Brand Story

AVIV 613 Vodka symbolizes a vessel for spiritual enrichment, amplifying blessings and toasts, infusing them with a deeper energy. Each pour becomes a ritual, an opportunity to celebrate the goodness in today’s happenings, fostering a more positive and spiritually rich environment.

Collaborating closely, we’ve developed an array of assets essential for marketing strategies, aligning with the brand’s ethos, and extending to in-store and on-location marketing. This involved curating a visual identity, crafting engaging content, and orchestrating captivating launch events that encapsulated the essence of AVIV 613 Vodka, aiming to leave a lasting impression on consumers and stakeholders alike.

Smart Sense

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Developed a comprehensive marketing campaign to highlight the importance of protecting your home’s gas appliances.  A simple device can save you from a dangerous situation.


Crafting a marketing strategy for a small connector fitting that attaches to a gas line, especially one that is typically concealed behind appliances, poses a unique challenge. This connector, although small and often out of sight, plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of household appliances. The primary difficulty lies in highlighting its significance in a way that resonates with consumers who rarely see or think about this component.


We needed to emphasize the connector’s reliability, durability, and crucial role in maintaining a safe home environment. This required innovative approaches that visually and conceptually brought this hidden but essential component to the forefront of consumer consciousness.  We burned down a house to show what happens when you don’t have this little device.

360 Degree House Fire Experience.

Digital Lead Generation Flow


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Bishop+Rook Trading Co. specializes in the import, restoration, and bespoke building of vintage Land Rover Defenders.

Introducing Bishop+Rook

We specialize in sourcing, importing, and building vintage Land Rovers and Heritage Land Rover Defenders. We aim to ensure each vehicle we source or build retains its unique character, whether it’s an unrestored classic with original patina or a complete nut-and-bolt restoration.

With years of experience in the industry, Bishop+Rook has become one of the most recognized companies in the world for creating truly unique and classic Land Rover Defenders. We maintain operations in the US, UK, Spain, and sourcing operations through the entire EU to ensure a steady supply of interesting and unique Defenders to bring to the market.

The Brand Story

Since the beginning of the company, we have ventured to bring our customers along with the journey. We publish an extensive amount of material to help guide prospects through the adoption process.  We show what takes place behind-the-scenes in the workshop, believe in radical pricing transparency, and offer support to anyone considering owning a vintage Land Rover.

The company was started in late 2014 as a passion project but evolved and expanded over the years to become a leading full-service Land Rover Restoration company – with workshops worldwide.  We continue to maintain our status as an employee-owned company over the years – knowing that true craftsmanship can only come from hands-on work completed in our own workshops.

Stratasys – Rebrand

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Led an effort to rebrand one of the pioneers in the additive manufacturing and 3D printing industry.


Global Rebranding

The Challenge

In a time when 3D printing was hitting mainstream news and investors were looking at the category with greater interest, Stratasys lacked a cohesive brand story and vision. My team lead a global strategic analysis that ultimately led to the recommendation to rebrand and align all divisions under a new unified brand system.

The Solution

My team developed an entirely new brand system, story, go-to-market strategy, and vision for the 3D printing market.

Brand Line:

The 3D Printing Solutions Company.


We shape lives by revolutionizing the way things are made.


Stratasys is the trusted leader in innovative 3D Printing and manufacturing solutions that empower individuals and organizations to transform the way they imagine, design and make things.

Pace Labs

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Had the absolute pleasure to work with one of the most important unknown companies in the world to develop a comprehensive brand platform.


Inspired to Protect

Inspired to the leave the environment, your health and your business better than we found it.


Pace Analytical, also known as Pace Labs, is a company specializing in environmental and life sciences testing services. They provide a wide range of analytical testing services to support environmental investigations focused on air, water, soil, waste, and other matrices. Pace Analytical is known for its state-of-the-art laboratories equipped with advanced technology and staffed by experienced scientists and technicians.


Pace Analytical challenged me to develop a comprehensive brand platform that would unify their service and present a clear and concise message to the marketplace. This was designed to Build Trust and Credibility, Connect with Clients on a Deeper Levels, Enhance Employee Engagement and Pride, Facilitate Clear and Consistent Messaging, and Support Long-Term Growth and Adaptability.

Importance of Brand Foundation

Differentiation in a Competitive Market: The environmental and analytical testing industry is highly competitive. A strong brand story helps Pace Labs stand out by highlighting its unique strengths, expertise, and the value it offers to clients. This differentiation is key to attracting and retaining customers.

Building Trust and Credibility: In an industry where accuracy and reliability are paramount, a cohesive brand story can establish Pace Labs as a trustworthy and credible choice. It reassures clients that they are working with experts committed to quality and precision.

Connecting with Clients on a Deeper Level: A compelling brand story goes beyond just marketing products or services; it connects emotionally with clients. By communicating its mission, vision, and values, Pace Labs can foster a deeper connection with its audience, which is essential for long-term customer relationships.


Enhancing Employee Engagement and Pride: A well-articulated brand story can also boost internal morale and engagement. Employees who understand and align with the company’s purpose are more motivated and take pride in their work, leading to better performance and employee retention.

Facilitating Clear and Consistent Messaging: With a cohesive brand story, all marketing and communication efforts become more streamlined and consistent. This clarity ensures that every piece of communication reinforces the company’s core message, making marketing efforts more effective.

The Importance of Safe

Inspired to Protect

Inspired to the leave the environment, your health and your business better than we found it.


Data is truth and truth is powerful. Sound science is more important now than ever.


Results you can trust. Committed to our values and yours.


Always learning and improving. Never losing our values.


Working together with trust and transparency.

Environmental Science

Protecting the environment

Life Science

Protecting your health

Scientific Professional Services

Protecting your business

Stratasys Anthem

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Wrote, Directed, and Edited a new anthem spot to introduce the newly launched Stratasys brand to the world.

The 3D Printing Solutions Company


Stratasys, the leader in 3D printing and additive manufacturing, had recently undergone a significant global rebranding to unify its diverse divisions. This pivotal moment calls for a compelling narrative that reflects our new, cohesive identity and resonates with our market. The company needed to craft a story that captures the spirit of Stratasys’ transformation, showcasing the innovation and connecting with their audience as they embarked on this new chapter.


In addressing Stratasys’ global rebranding, we developed a script that intricately wove together the unique stories of each division, illustrating their collaborative efforts in advancing the industry and fostering innovation. This script was brought to life through an anthem video, crafted from diverse footage gathered during the brand anthropology and Distil workshop sessions. This approach successfully showcased the unified strength of Stratasys’ divisions, creating a compelling and inspiring narrative that resonated deeply with our audience and solidified Stratasys’ position as a leader in the 3D printing and additive manufacturing industry.

Inner Explorer

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Developed a targeted media campaign focused on travelers seeking a more active vacation experience in a tropical environment – highlighted by real-world adventures.

We are Dominica

Dominica is beauty unspoiled. Culture preserved—a diver’s dream and hiker’s paradise.

Dominica is the trailhead to adventure and discovery, unlike any other Caribbean

Dominica features volcanic peaks, boiling waters, and underwater champagne springs.

Sparkling waterfalls, rushing streams, and rainforest canopies. On Dominica, we
celebrate music, art, and flowers.

We call ourselves The Nature Island. Not just because we believe it but because we have earned it. And once you step foot on our shores, you’ll forever be transformed.

We’re inviting you to discover your inner explorer.


Dominica is unlike her neighboring islands. She does not have mega-resorts, white sandy beaches, late-night discos, and adult entertainment.  She is a calm, natural paradise suited only for those with a sense of adventure.  While most people look to the Caribbean for a relaxing vacation, we were challenged to develop a campaign that would appeal to those with a more active experience in mind.


We wanted to showcase the Commonwealth of Dominica’s distinct allure: its rugged landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and diverse ecological wonders. This campaign needed to transcend conventional Caribbean tourism tropes, highlighting Dominica’s appeal to those who crave adventure, cultural immersion, and ecological exploration. The goal was to connect with individuals who value authenticity over luxury, and who are eager to explore the road less traveled.

Discover Adventure

Discovering Your Inner Explorer means leaving the chaos of the world behind and
renewing your sense of adventure.

Come hike our mountains, explore our beaches, and discover what it feels like to get
back to nature again and what it feels like to find your sense of place.

Drink in the fresh air.
Feel the smooth sand beneath your feet.
Stand in amazement at the natural wonders of the world.
Recharge your body and mind.
Change your perspective on life.

Uniquely Natural. Naturally Unique.

A rich tapestry of lush rain forests, rivers and waterfalls, with volcanic wonders on land and under the sea. The people of Dominica welcome you to share the beauty and tranquility of “Nature’s Island.”

To discover the rich culture of the people. An enriching Eco tourism experience. The physical challenge of extreme adventure. Or the serenity of a secluded spa retreat. When you discover Dominica, you discover yourself – and a Caribbean experience like no other.

We invited explorers to come to experience the true wonders of nature. Hike from the tips of the water’s edge to the highest peak on the island and declare their renewed love of life. Challenge their bodies, minds, and spirits to let go of the outside world and allow themselves to be transformed.

We used film and photography assets from a group of travel influences who were invited down to participate in the Dominica Film Challenge. We tagged the original travelers in both digital and print media, allowing prospective adventurers the opportunity to research and investigate the real people behind the photographs and the experiences. Primary photography by Sarah Lee and Alison Teal – an adventure travel team from Hawaii and Southern California.